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How do I Mod my gear?


One of the key features of the Research and Development system is the creation of Mods, or Equipment Mods. Mods are items that can be added to sockets on new and existing armor and clothing; these provide additional stat increases or bonuses to the object they are added to.

Equipment Mods

Equipment Mods are created through the Assembly tab on an R+D Station. These stations are located in the Watchtower, Hall of Doom, and several police stations and night-clubs. Players need to be at least level 10, and have the appropriate Plans to assemble the Equipment Mod they want to create.

Once you have an Equipment Mod you want to add to an item with a socket, drag and drop/manipulate the item so it is in top of the clothing or armor you want to add it to. You'll receive a confirmation box, asking you to approve the modification: click 'OK' to make the change. If you cannot equip a Mod to a piece of equipment, try un-equipping the piece and apply the Mod while it's in your Inventory.

Once an Equipment Mod is added to an item, it is consumed and deleted from the game. If you examine the item, you'll see the improved values in green text/numbers in the statistics part of the item's description.

There is a chance to get a bonus stat, depending on the color of the socket on the item, and the color of the mod you are using. If you use the same color mod in a socket, you'll receive the secondary bonus listed on the clothing/armor. You aren't forced to use a yellow mod in a yellow socket; you can use a red or blue one if you prefer - you just won't get the additional bonus.

If you want to change the mod you have on an item, you can 'overwrite' the mod by dropping a new one onto the item. This removes the original mod and stats, and applies the new mod and stats to the item. The new mod is destroyed in the process, and the old mod is not returned to you. You can do this as many times as you'd like.