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Can I get help with trade scams?

Trade Scams

Players may experience incidents in which items were traded to another player so that they might assemble an equipment mod for them or simply wished to trade for a more preferred item. Some players may experience situations in which the person receiving the trade leaves with the items and does not fulfill the request made of them.

Each party member has the ability to examine and approve the proposed trade prior to accepting. Once the trade is confirmed by both parties it will be complete and considered final. The DCUO In-game team will not be able to assist with Trade Scams; please use caution when trading items.

Trading Tips:

  • Examine items to make sure they are what they should be. Many icons look similar; don't fall victim to a bait and switch.
  • Check both the item and coin that you are proposing and hoping to receive before confirming.
  • Never trade an item or coin to someone on a promise that they will return it on another character.
  • The DCUO In-game team recommends receiving something in value for every trade that is initiated; players may want to consider asking for a deposit or 'bond' to help mitigate the chances of an unsavory character taking advantage of the situation. If a blind, one way trade must be made, the DCUO In-game team recommends that it only be done with a trusted friend or guild mate.