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PS3/PS4 Troubleshooting Checking Assets; Running a Deep Scan

If you are having problems with your installation of DC Universe Online, one thing you can try running is a 'deep scan', which will check all of the assets of your installation, and make sure everything matches up correctly with the current game release. While you will not receive any feedback from this operation, it is a step that is recommended if other attempts to troubleshoot an issue have failed.

To run a deep scan, start up DC, and watch for the DC Universe Online splash screen. When you see it, press and hold L1+L2+R1+R2, and keep them held. When the loading screen with Lex Luthor talking to the JLA comes up, the system should start the deep scan. (this is normally the screen where the game quickly checks assets and downloads new updates.) . (the screen is the scene from the Watchtower with Lex talking to Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman)

If you encounter any issues trying to run a scan, or continue to have problems after one, please submit a ticket to us for further assistance.