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How does Marketplace Cash work?

Marketplace Cash

Marketplace is used to purchase Marketplace items on PS3/PS4 and Xbox. Instead of purchasing items directly using real world currency or funds from your PSN/Microsoft wallet, you will instead purchase Marketplace Cash with real world currency in the PSN/Xbox store, then use Marketplace Cash to purchase items in the game:

$5.00 - 500 Marketplace Cash
$10.00 - 1,000 Marketplace Cash
$20.00 - 2,000 Marketplace Cash
$45.00 - 5,000 Marketplace Cash
$85.00 - 10,000 Marketplace Cash

Marketplace Cash is similar to Daybreak Cash on the PC and will bring greater parity between the platforms in terms of pricing and our ability to run sales and promotions.

What should I do if I didn't receive my Marketplace Cash?

Once you purchase Marketplace Cash, it should appear in the upper right hand corner of your DC Universe Online In-Game Marketplace window. If your Marketplace Cash is missing, you will need to contact the PlayStation Network or contact Xbox Support so they may verify and assist you with the purchase.