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How do armories work?

An Armory is a type of base amenity that allows a player to set up and imprint a predetermined build for their character. A player can imprint their character's current style, equipment, loadouts, roles, power point, and skill point allocations to the Armory. By activating the Armory from in the field, a player can switch to this preset at the press of a button. Every character will receive one free Armory. Look for the "Your Armory" mission in you journal; players must complete the base task before the Armory task will become available.

Additional Armories can be purchased from the Marketplace and placing those additional Armories in a base gives a character the power to switch between multiple custom builds. The appearance of the Armory will match the theme of the base it is placed in. This item requires level 12 to use and can be shared-banked only to other characters on the same account. Each base owned can hold up to sixteen Armories (4 active). Please be aware that Armories function like regular base items and may not be placed in Amenity (purple) spots.

Using Armories

Interact with the Armory placed in a base to imprint a build. Players will not be able to imprint if a character has more than 10 unspent skill points and/or 3 unspent power points.

Players can only have four Armory builds equipped at any one time out in the field and can update which builds are equipped through the Generator in their base. Look for the "Lock and Load" mission in your journal.

To swap between builds for PS4, hold down both R2 and L2. This will bring up a UI that will show the D-Pad directions and the associated Armory Builds. For PC, Armory Builds can be swapped using the number keys on the Num Pad. While out of combat, a player can swap Armory Builds every ten seconds. However, while in combat, the player can only swap every ten minutes. Players will not be able to swap Armory Builds while in PvP combat.

How many can I have and where do they go?

-You can place your armory on any marker slot in your base or free place it.
-You can have only four active Armories per base; 16 total if you have the maximum of four bases.
-Players will be given one Armory through a mission; in order to receive the mission, players must complete their lair mission first. Additional Armories will need to be purchased from the Marketplace.

When and how can I use them?

-You can only have four Armories loaded at any one time; this is done through the generator (not the mainframe) in your base.
-You can switch between your armories at any time using either the L2+R2 on the controller or the 1-4 number pad on the keyboard; you do not need to be at your Armory to swap out.
-While in combat, players can only swap Armory Builds every ten minutes, which causes a red cool-down to appear next to your character's health/power bar. When an Armory Build is swapped out of combat, a yellow cool-down will appear next to your character.
Armories will not be accessible while in PVP combat.
-You cannot save or load an armory if there are more than ten unspent skill points and three unspent power points.