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How do I report cheaters and toxic behavior in PlanetSide 2?

War is above all a gentleman's game and we prefer that you behave as such. Soldiers who do not respect the PlanetSide® 2 Rules of Conduct (cheating, harassment, etc) will not be tolerated and should be reported to the proper authorities.

Reporting Violations:

To file a report, you'll need to submit a petition on our support site to start the help request process. When filling out the request, make sure to select the in-game support option, PlanetSide 2 as your game, and "report another player" as your Category.

When filling out the details for your request, please include the following:

  • The character name of the player you are reporting
  • The offense type
  • The date/time of the incident
  • Your character's name
  • A detailed description of the incident, with as much supporting information as possible
  • A screenshot and/or link to video evidence in support of your case, if available

Please note: You will not be notified of any action taken or not taken against a reported account. Note that we do not take this lightly. All reported players are investigated, but so are the players doing the reporting. We can't be a pawn in some silly personal vendetta now, can we?

Depending on the severity of the violation and the history of the account, disciplinary action may range from a warning, to an account suspension, up to a permanent ban.

Above all, act mature out there. Make sure that the player you're reporting has actually and blatantly violated the Rules of Conduct before letting that report trigger finger fly. Disputes are always best settled out on the battlefield, after all. Note that we will never inform other players of a reported player's status.