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What are Certifications?

Soldiers can upgrade their weapons, armor and abilities by unlocking certifications. Certifications are unlocked with cert points earned for in-game actions.

Earning Points

  • Active Certs: Cert points are issued based on battlefield performance. Soldiers can earn experience by scoring kills, capturing facilities and performing class-specific duties at an exceptional level. Every 250 XP earned will yield one cert point.
  • Passive Certs: Soldiers will still earn certs while offline - apparently some of you can't be fighting constantly due to other "jobs" - but these certs are not unlimited. Passive certs max out at a certain number per day (12 is standard, though members receive them at a higher rate). Players must claim their passive certs by logging in to the game, and will earn no more than one day's worth of passive certs between logins. A notification will appear when entering the game displaying the total amount of passive certs earned since the last login.
  • Cert Point Cap: Cert points can only be earned up to a total of 10,000. Once this cap is reached, soldiers won't earn any more cert points until they've spent some.
  • Cert Trees: Cert trees are available for every class and weapon, as well as for accomplished Squad leaders. The trees can be accessed from the Certifications tab in the menu or from the Loadout page.

Click any class or vehicle on this page to open its cert tree, contaning all available certification categories. Open a certification category to view the available certifications.


Unlocking Certifications

Opening any certification category will open a menu similar to the one below. In this case, all of the available certifications under Engineer: Explosives are displayed. Mouse over a certification to view its description, and click it to spend cert points and unlock it. Most certifications can be upgraded multiple times to unlock additional features.

Red item prices indicate that the item costs more cert points than you have available, or that you need to spend more points in that category first. Some certifications can only be unlocked if other certifications have been unlocked first.
Note that not all certifications will carry over to all classes. Only certs under Universal Certifications or that affect weapons that are shared by more than one class will apply across classes. Any certification with a class label (e.g. Engineer: Suit Modifications) can be applied only to that class.


Certification Refunds

There are no refunds on certifications, so be very sure before unlocking one. Don't waste cert points on a class you aren't going to use, or a skill you don't really want, or a gun that you hate. All certifications are available at their max level to try out for free in Virtual Reality Training.