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How do I join the battle?


  • All new soldiers will automatically be sent to a tutorial instance for battle training. This will cover the most basic mechanics of fighting the war.
  • Players can exit the tutorial at any time by hitting Esc and clicking Exit Tutorial in the top right of the menu screen.
  • The tutorial can be reentered at any time by hitting Esc and clicking the Support button in the lower left of the menu. In the small window that opens, click Start Tutorial.
  • Progress in the tutorial can be cleared by going to the General Settings screen and checking Reset Tutorial.



  • Soldiers killed in battle can simply enter the regeneration matrix and get right back out to the fight to die again. After death you will be taken to the World Map and allowed to select how and where you want to spawn. The Deployment panel (below) lists all current options for redeployment. Lattice-enabled continents have unique respawn rules; learn more here.


Instant Action

  • Sometimes the situation on the ground requires a more immediate response.
  • Instant Action triggers a hotdrop directly into the fiercest battles happening across the planet right now.
  • Each hotdrop activates a cooldown period during which the soldier cannot hotdrop again.
  • Instant Action can be triggered by hitting Delete at any time or by selecting Instant Action from the Respawn tab.



  • Each Empire has one warpgate per continent.
  • The warpgate is a safe zone where soldiers can swap classes and change loadouts at Equipment Terminals, group up into Squads and Platoons, launch every type of vehicle and plan offensives.
  • Toilets are on the way, but in the meantime just hold it until you see a dead enemy.


Spawn Rooms

  • Only members of the Empire that owns a base can enter its spawn rooms. Spawn room doors are color-coded to the correct Empire, so pay attention.
  • Yellow "trapdoor" spawn room exits such as the one below can only be passed through from one direction: from inside the spawn room to outside.


Pain Fields

  • Soldiers who remain too long in spawn rooms after a base has flipped, or who get too close to an enemy spawn room, will receive constantly increasing damage until they leave the spawn area.
  • Pain fields on facility spawnrooms will be deactivated if the facility's SCU is destroyed.


Friends and Enemies

  • Every friendly unit and identified enemy units in the vicinity are marked on each soldier's HUD and minimap.
  • By default, friendlies are marked by a light blue symbol and enemies by a red symbol.
  • These settings can be changed to match your personal preference in the General tab of the Settings menu.


Squad Colors

  • Squad and platoon mates will display circles with colors corresponding to their assigned squads and numbers corresponding to their positions within their squads.
  • Squad colors can be altered to suit your personal preference from the Squad/Platoon screen.
  • Remember, bullets don't have friends so pay attention when you're shooting. Traitors will have their guns taken away and be forced to sit out snack time.