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What is the Public Test Server?

What is the Public Test Server?
The Public Test Server gives players the opportunity to test out potential game changes with large player populations before any changes make their way over to the Live client.

How It Works
The Test server runs a bit differently than the Live servers do. Keep the following in mind:

  • Players can expect a lot more downtime, noticeable bugs and gameplay issues than they encounter on the Live servers. These will all be very normal occurrences so don’t panic.
  • There are no real money transactions in Test.
  • New characters on Test are granted an automatic 10,000 certs to get them going. Other character progression values may change as well as testing purposes demand.
  • Players should use the same Daybreak account as they use for the Live servers. Don’t fret, nothing in the Test server will affect anything in the Live servers, and vice versa.
  • There is no CS support in Test, except in the case of extremely disruptive players. If players encounter a game issue or bug (ha, if – you definitely will), use the in-game bug report tool or post the issue in the Test Server: Discussion forum.
  • Player/character wipes can happen at any time.
  • Players may spot devs, QA and other DBG employees on the Test server.
  • Please treat them with the same respect you would any other player on the server.
  • We may broadcast requests for players to help with specific testing, so keep your ears open and help out if you can.
  • Players may ask questions, but keep in mind that DBG employees on Test most likely have long task lists to get through and are probably crunching time to do it; we may not have the time or ability to respond.
  • Keep an eye on the Test Server: Announcements forum for the latest additions and changes made to the server.

Let’s Do It
The Test server runs on a different client than the Live servers. Download the Test client by clicking here.