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Where can I find a list of EverQuest launch & expansion dates?


EverQuest - Original launch 16-Mar-1999

Ruins of Kunark - 24-Apr-2000

The Scars of Velious - 5-Dec-2000

The Shadows of Luclin - 3-Dec-2001

Planes of Power - 28-Oct-2002

Legacy of Ykesha - 24-Feb-2003

Lost Dungeons of Norrath - 9-Sep-2003

Gates of Discord - 10-Feb-2004

Omens of War - 14-Sep-2004

Dragons of Norrath - 15-Feb-2005

Depths of Darkhollow - 13-Sep-2005

The Prophecy of Ro - 21-Feb-2006

The Serpent's Spine - 19-Sep-2006

The Buried Sea - 13-Feb-2007

Secrets of Faydwer - 13-Nov-2007

Seeds of Distruction - 21-Oct-2008

Underfoot - 15-Dec-2009

House of Thule - 12-Oct-2010

Veil of Alaris - 15-Nov-2011

Rain of Fear - 28-Nov-2012

Call of the Forsaken - 8-Oct-2013

The Darkened Sea - 28-Oct-2014

The Broken Mirror - 18-Nov-2015

Empires of Kunark - 16-Nov-2016

Ring of Scale - 12-Dec-2017

The Burning Lands - 11-Dec-2018