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How should I report violations in DCUO?

Community Standards Violations:

We use the general label Community Standards to cover different types of inappropriate behavior in DC Universe Online. This includes, but isn't limited to the following:

  • Area Disruption - blocking access to an area, or otherwise preventing players from using an area normally 
  • Bad Language 
  • Exploiting 
  • Fraud / Theft 
  • Harassment

If you encounter one of the situations above, you can submit a report to Customer Service; once received, one of the GM's (game masters) will review the claim and any evidence they might have available to them before making a decision to take action. Punishment could include a warning against the offending player(s) account, account suspension, or permanent termination.

Reporting Violations:

To file a report, you'll need to fill out a form on our support site to start the help request process. When filling out the request, make sure to have DC Universe Online or DC Universe Online PS3/PS4 as your product, and [DCUO] Community Standards as your Category. Tickets submitted this way will receive priority attention, and should hopefully allow for the GM's to respond to situations more effectively.

When filling out the details for your request, please include the following as applicable for your situation - the more you can provide, the easier it is for the responding GM to pin down what's going on, and take appropriate action.

  • Name of the other people/parties involved 
  • Zone, instance or general area where the problem is happening 
  • Time the problem occurred. (if not within a few minutes of the ticket being submitted) 
  • A detailed description of the incident, with as much supporting information as possible