What are the common/top issues in H1Z1?




How do I report a cheater?
Email name, server name, and a quick description to h1z1cheater@daybreakgames.com. Remember to include the name of the character, the region, and a quick description of what happened. Links to video clips can be very handy for our investigators.

Similarly, you can report toxic behavior to h1z1toxic@daybreakgames.com.

How can I provide feedback and comment on the direction or future of the game:
You can do all of this and find out the latest and greatest about H1Z1 at the H1Z1 Reddit

How do I report bugs, glitches, issues:
Report issues to the H1Z1 Issue Tracker

My key bindings won't save:
This usually means your useroptions.ini file is set to read only. Locate the file and change the setting.



I scrapped a skin by accident:
Sadly, we are unable to process item restorations for skins that have been scrapped using the Scrapyard. Please be very careful with your items to avoid any disappointment.



How do I link or unlink my account with Twitch:
Here are instructions to link or unlink your Twitch account.

When I try to link to Twitch, I get a Google search page:
Try disabling Overwolf or running a clean boot.




The name I had previously is unavailable:
There are a few causes--It might be taken by another player, blocked by the filter, or reserved if linked to a Twitch handle (currently disabled.)

Why is an account banned?
Accounts are banned for many reasons and always related to some other violation of terms of service.  Want to know why?



I'm getting a "G" Error (G32, G29, etc.):
Check out this article that has everything you wanted to know about "G" errors and more.

All of my skins are suddenly locked:
If you were recently taken off of a suspension, the reinstatement process could potentially keep your items hidden. This is a rare occurrence but should it happen open a ticket with support so we can insure your account lock was lifted properly.

I purchased funds through Steam and it didn't work:
Read this article for help troubleshooting Steam purchase issues.

I'm getting low FPS or lag issues:
Read up on how to improve performance in H1Z1.

I'm receiving a Breakpoint Error:
This error occurs when players are using a graphics card that has been overclocked.You will need to disable overclocking in order to play H1Z1.

I'm getting "Failed to create D3D object" error:
We have steps for you to fix for this issue.



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