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How do I change my All Access membership to a different plan?

How to update your current All Access Membership to a different recurring option:

Please note you will be billed immediately all of the membership benefits as well as time will be added to the account.  The next bill date will be updated immediately as well.  If you do not see this please log out of the account both from the game and the site and log back in.  If you see no change please check your Payment History .

  1. Log into your play account at
  2. Click on Membership Info.
  3. Click on the Upgrade or Renew Membership button.
  4. Click on the desired All Access Plan. (1,3,6 or 12 month)
  5. Follow the steps to add your payment type or choose to add a payment source. Please note you will get charged immediatley as all the benefits will be added to your account.
  6. On the final screen, click on complete purchase to finish.
  7. That's it! You will now be charged every renew date until you cancel.

If you need to cancel your All Access Membership, please see this article.

If you are currently on a promotional deal if you change it there is no going back to the promotional pricing.  Our 24 month pricing is no longer valid once it ends it ends there is no way to add it back to the account  Our 1 year option is very similar in price for all the games. If have any questions please contact our Customer Support department, and we can help you!