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How can I troubleshoot high memory usage in EverQuest II?

When the game client is started it reads various appearance related files into memory (from the app_cache files) into an appearance cache.  To improve the visual quality of the game we need to add more art assets, which increases our memory footprint.  This can cause issues for various users depending on their hardware setup and if they are running multiple programs, etc..


Players can use the client cvar “cl_use_app_cache 0” to turn off this appearance cache.  This means all appearance assets normally read into memory will now be read directly from the hard drive as needed.


Enabling this setting will sacrifice performance for a smaller memory footprint and allow many players currently crashing (due to hitting memory limits) to enter into areas they could not before.  In some cases these memory limits were even preventing login.



  1. Create “eq2.ini” file in root install directory, if you don’t already have one there.
  2. Add this line to the ini file and save it, “cl_use_app_cache 0”