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Krono are in-game assets that can be redeemed for 30 days of All Access membership time. They are sold in the marketplace for real money only, or they may be purchased from other players via the broker or private trade for game currency.  Players may not, however, sell Krono to each other for real world money.*

Krono are only granted after the order is reviewed. It can take up to 48 hours before you receive your order fulfillment.  Thank you for your patience while this process is completed.  

Restrictions and Limits:

  • Accounts must be 48 hours old to purchase.
  • Account limit of 9,999 Krono.
  • You may purchase 25 Krono in a 24 hour period.
  • Non Refundable.
  • Krono cannot be purchased with Daybreak Cash
  • Krono can take up to 48 hours to appear on your account as your order is verified.
  • Once a Krono has been applied to an account for game time, it cannot be transferred or refunded.

Costs and Usage:

All Krono are initially purchased from Daybreak Game Company LLC using real world money. You are able to buy them from other players using in-game currency, gift them, sell them to other players for in-game currency, trade them to other players for other in-game items, and consume them.  Note: The only way to transfer a Krono to another account is by trade or broker. Any other way to move it (such as mailing or duel betting) will return to item to your inventory.

If you consume a Krono, it is removed from your inventory and 30 days of All Access membership time is added to the account associated with the character that consumed it. The price for one Krono is $17.99 USD.  If you already have All Access membership when your Krono is consumed, the 30 days of time will begin when that paid subscription time ends.

Purchasing and Applying Krono in EQ2:

To purchase or use Krono, open your Character Window [C].  Select the Equipment Tab. The window will be located below your equipment bags.   Your Krono window is account wide, so you can purchase or use your Krono from any EQ2 character on your account.   To apply your Krono, simply click the 'Use' button on the right hand side of the menu.  The 30 days will be applied at the end of your current paid time.

* Selling Krono for real world currency is a violation of our Terms of Service (commonly called TOS)

**Krono is currently available only in EverQuest and EverQuest II.