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Marketplace: Potion of Companion's Amnesia



Using this item will allow you to change your pet's name (please note: familiars' names cannot be changed with this potion, only warders and other summoned pets' names will be affected by this change (and for mages: all your pets will share the same name - regardless what type of elemental they may be)). Once you change your pet's name the change is permanent and will be applied to all other pets you own, as well as any pets you summon in the future. You can open the pet name change window anytime using the command /changepetname.

Although this window may be opened any time by anyone, unless a character has actually been flagged to change their pet's name (by consuming one of these potions), they will not actually be able to change their pet's name. This means that you can purchase a Potion of Companion's Amnesia and consume it, but do not necessarily have to select your pet's new name immediately; your character will retain the flag granted from their potion and you can use it at your leisure to rename your pet.

Please remember that only names which are not already in use can be granted, and CS staff will not remove names from others to free them up. In addition, names must still abide by our Character Naming Policy, which can be found here. Failure to follow the standards for name choices will result in your pet's name being changed, possible account termination, and you will not be offered a refund for this purchase.