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Drunder (EN)



The Prison Server of Drunder

Drunder is where accounts found to be in violation of our rules may be sent in lieu of total account termination.

This is a one-way trip. All of the existing EQII characters on an account will be copied to Drunder and the account will not have access any other EQII server.


Violations of the following rules or policies:

  1. Rules of Conduct
  2. Naming Policy
  3. AFK Policy
  4. Terms of Service
  5. EULA


Some other things to consider:

  1. No access to BGs
  2. No census exports
  3. Local chat only
  4. No support from Customer Service
  5. You may need to create a level 1 character the first time you access it for the copied characters to appear
  6. During a forced transfer to Drunder, Customer Service and/or Development may elect to remove ill-gotten coin, items, or Krono

Some people might think this server is a great idea and want to play there. Please do not break the rules and disrupt the gameplay of others in an attempt to force our hand to send you there. Please submit a ticket to an In-Game category with the subject/title "Send me to prison"


Disclaimer: What we are trying to do with Drunder is experimental. We may change access to the server, what accounts get sent there, the rules of the server, or completely shut the server down at any time.