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  1. Date Updated: 02/08/2016
    This article will walk you through the steps for recovering a Daybreak Username or Password. If both the Username and Password have been lost, please follow the steps below to recover...
  2. Date Updated: 02/11/2016
    Read Me! Our Customer Support department is divided into different groups to get your questions answered quickly and efficiently. Each group has its own office hours and method of contact. Please...
  3. Date Updated: 02/11/2016
    If LaunchPad continuously downloads the same files every time you launch, the following are a few steps you can take. Run as Administrator Right-click on the LaunchPad icon and select "Run as...
  4. Date Updated: 10/22/2015
    Each game is run from its own LaunchPad. Download the LaunchPad for a specific game here .  LaunchPads are generally about 12MB. Downloading the Game Client Open the LaunchPad and login to...
  5. Date Updated: 02/05/2016
    Once your Security Question is set the only way to change it is by contacting Customer Service and speaking with a representative.  In order to change it you must know the answer that...
  6. Date Updated: 09/29/2015
    Please Note: At the end of this process, you will be given a form that you can copy/paste into your ticket that will speed up your ticket. If you do not follow instructions, it may lead to having to...
  7. Date Updated: 11/02/2015
    There are a variety of reasons why your account might be banned. If you aren’t sure, take a look at the following list to see if any of these apply to you: Disputed Charges (Chargebacks) (click for...
  8. Date Updated: 02/10/2016
    An error while trying to make a purchase can stem from a number of small problems. These are the most common reasons for an error. Incorrect Address The bank will decline the charge if the address...
  9. Date Updated: 02/12/2016
    The discs are no longer necessary to install our games. You only need to download and install the LaunchPad, log in, and the game will begin downloading automatically. The LaunchPad will...
  10. Date Updated: 02/11/2016
    For those that wish to brave the fates and challenge their ban, here is the form and some important instructions and tips below (read everything and follow the instructions carefully to expedite your...
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